The Science Café is a chance to informally explore the latest ideas in science and technology and debate the issues. All are welcome.

6th & 8th May 2017: University of Bath’s 50th birthday

Bath Science Café is helping celebrate the University of Bath’s 50th birthday by holding a (well three actually) café on the day (Saturday 6th May, 14.00-15.00, Lime Tree Restaurant, University of Bath campus) and again in our usual Monday slot (8th May, 8.00pm) at the Raven.

Find out more information about the 50th Festival here.

Our 3 in 1 Café talks and speakers are:

Asteroids and Pterodactyls: Mass Extinction of flying reptiles at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary Nick Longrich, University of Bath

Is the spread of antibiotic resistance set to cast us back into the dark ages of medicine? Ed Feil, University of Bath

Patio potatoes – the solution to world hunger? Or, if you prefer, how can crop technology contribute to global food security? Rod Scott, University of Bath

10th April 2017: Lab-Grown Organs: Hope vs Hype

Paul De Bank, University of Bath

The fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine have huge potential for the replacement or repair of our bodies following accident or disease. Coupled with the revolution in stem cell biology, technological advances in the past two decades have brought the prospect of bespoke, lab-grown tissues and organs from the realms of science fiction to clinical reality. Well, almost.

This talk will give an overview of these areas of this ever-changing field and explore the recent advances and future challenges which need to be overcome before made-to-order body parts become routinely available.

Link: Paul De Bank

13th March 2017: What have the Astronomers ever done for us?

To celebrate Science Week the Raven is hosting Simon Holbeche who will give a talk entitled: “What have the astronomers ever done for us?”

Science Café will be back in April.